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Our Lady of Wisdom

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Merry Meet and Welcome!

Norse and Wiccan Community Church (NWCC)

and it's affiliated Covens:

Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven (OLOW)

 Located in Columbus OH

Located in Flint, Michigan
Located in Mount Vernon, Ohio

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church and our covens.
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Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven
Merry Meet and Welcome!

The Norse and Wiccan Community Church would like to congratulate: Autumn Storm and Aine on their Dedication into Children of the Wise Oak Community Coven

Reclaiming the Hearth
Mission Statement
We are a Columbus, Ohio based group dedicated to educating and preserving earthen spirituality. We are a group that is friendly to all paths of love, peace, and light. We encourage harmony and sanctuary in our hearts and homes.
Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven (OLOW) is a branch off of the Norse Wiccan Community Church (NWCC), founded in 1998 in Columbus by Reverand Audra Davis, among others. NWCC is a legally recognized (501c3) non-profit organization. OLOW's primary belief system is primarily based in Wicca, Anglo-Saxon and Native American traditions.

We have members who are available to teach workshops, and offer spiritual counsel.

We are able to perform various rites of passage and family ceremonies including, but not limited to:
House blessings
Rites of Passage for Adolescents
Rites of Passage for New Mothers
Rites of Passage for Crones
House cleansings
Healing Energies

Lady Rwn is a Notary Public

We have occasional events and retreats which we will announce on our events page.

Inspirational Message from
Lady Rwn Silverwolf:
"If you can not find it inside of you, you will never find it outside."


Statement of Purpose

Our Purpose is to :

 Live in a manner which honors the Lady and the Lord, following the Wiccan Rede.

Explore and practice Wiccan beliefs and traditions, with a primary focus on the traditions of the Celtic Witches.

Support one another within the Coven in our healing, growth, and aspirations.

Hold Wiccan rituals on the Sabbats and Esbats and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magick, recognize rites of passage, and honor the Lady and the Lord.

Honor the Earth and all her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community throughout our nation, and across the world;

Teach Wiccan beliefs and traditional skills to members and students, and sisters and brothers in the Craft and kindred spiritual paths; and where appropriate, to educate the general public about Wicca.



*DISCLAIMER: We do not take credit for any of the graphics or artwork on this site. It comes from various talented artists who we are happy to acknowledge should they be known.

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Our Lady of Wisdom / Reclaiming the Hearth - Columbus Ohio