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Our Lady of Wisdom

Norse and Wiccan Community Church

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As the Norse and Wiccan Community Church (NWCC) continues to grow through it's affiliated covens, we are building our hearth fires and reaching out to those of like mind in reverance of our Lady and Lord. Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven (OLOW) is the mother coven of NWCC; below are links to the NWCC's other covens. We encourage all visitors to this site to also visit their sites for local information.

NWCCs affiliated Covens:
Click on the name of each coven to view their website.

Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven

Columbus, Ohio

Children of the Wise Oak Community Coven

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Sagewood Hof


Basic Statement of Faith


It is our belief that there is One source of Creation, The One: far beyond our normal cognitive comprehension of time, space and reality; but to fulfill the interior need of all to know the Creator; the Creator had chosen to manifest itself as male and female (i.e. with\ness the “book” of nature for verification) in different forms, different deities, through needs of different peoples; Ergo all Gods are one God, and all Goddesses are one Goddess; just different manifestations to fulfill each individual’s need, and in unity they represent the Divine Creator.


Within our Wiccan and Norse Traditions; we honor those expressions of Deity that we feel most responsible to; however we accept that our path is not the only path, and that other peoples worship the Creator in different manifestations and we respect that; whether they be “Pagan”, “Wiccan”, “Norse”, “Christian”, or any other religious belief “system”.  People are drawn by conscience to the spiritual path best suited for them and no one truth can be “stretched” to be the “One Truth” for all people.


We freely admit we draw upon ancient myths and traditions to express our religious rituals, while still incorporating modern ideas and attitudes.


It is our consensus that any religious community irregardless of it’s “path” must grow and develop; not remain a t\static; non-changing organization; for without change any organization ends up a gathering of individuals going through meaningless ritual without the spark of the Divine that will sustain them as a people.


We believe that as a people; we must continually, both cooperatively and as individuals study our  relationship with the Creator and as wisdom grows be willing to modify the external reflections of our Faith, without denying the basic core values that we hold sacred.


Those core values for us are those “family-orientated” values which keep the social and moral fabric of the community from unraveling in times of turmoil.  Each individual member in this community holds the values of strength, joy, wisdom, truth, fidelity, preservation and personal honor as sacred.


We reverence all living things; seeing in them the harmony and oneness of nature.  We believe that an educated, trained clergy (Priest/ Priestess) is important; but all studies are specifically “tailored” to suit the needs of each individual desiring ordination into the mysteries.


In all things we believe in responding in love, respect, and honor; in regards to religious expressions of one’s faith, consistent with one’ path we accept the precepts of









We, the undersigned, as adherents of Pagan and Neo-Pagan Earth Religions, including Wicca, or Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, Norse, and  Heathern, practice a variety of positive, life-affirming faiths, that are dedicated to healing, both of ourselves and of the Earth.  As such, we do not advocate or condone any acts that victimize others, including those proscribed by law.  As one of our most widely-accepted precept is that Wiccan Rede’s injunction to “Harm None" and the Norse Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance and Perseverance. 

WE absolutely condemn the practices of child abuse, sexual abuse, and nay any other from of abuse that does harm to the bodies, minds, or spirits of individuals.  We offer prayers, therapy, and support for the healing of the victims of such abuses.


We recognize and revere the divinity of Nature in our Mother the Earth and we conduct our rites of worship in a manner that is ethical, compassionate and constitutionally protected.


We neither acknowledge nor worship the Christian devil, ‘satan’ who is not in our pagan pantheons.


We will not tolerate slander nor libel against our churches, clergy, or congregations, and we are prepared to defend our civil rights with such legal actions as we deem necessary and appropriate.


Signed for the Norse Wiccan Community Church.


Church Membership vs Coven Membership

Over the years, people have come to believe that the Norse Wiccan Community Church (NWCC) and Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven  (OLOW)are one and the same. However, this is not true. They are two separate entities unto themselves.  Being a member of the church, does not make you a member of any of our covens. However, all coven members are also church members.

It is through the Norse Wiccan Community Church that we are able to maintain a 501c3 status as a religious organization recognized as a church by the U.S. Government. This gives us the ability to teach through our tradition of degree systems and enables those who come to us to learn from elders, as well as one another. For those who seek it, we are able to bring ordained High Priests and High Priestesses into the pagan community in this way.

Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven is the “mother” coven of the Norse Wiccan Community Church. There is also a coven branched off in Michigan, Sagewood Hof, that represents the Norse side of our church and a new coven, Coibhín Chlann na Darach Críonna (CWO) in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  The covens are endorsed by the Norse Wiccan Community Church but operate separately from the church and from each other.

Many of our Sabbat observances are honored as a church, with all covens coming together as often as possible and inviting those of like mind to join our celebrations.

Founders of the
Norse Wiccan Community Church

Rev. Audra Davis
High Priestess of Our Lady of Wisdom Community Coven

Eugene Tyrsson Silverwolf Kyle

Licenced Clergy

John Kotcher

Rev. Audra Davis

Lady Lillie

Officers of the
Norse Wiccan Community Church

Rev. Audra Davis

Lady Lillie
Vice President and Treasurer

Pictures unavailable for Secretary and Historian.

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